Sonoma Biologics

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Regulation D


Sonoma, CA

Sonoma Biologics is an ultra-premium cannabis grower for the medical and recreational markets. The Company has been in the large scale agriculture business for the last decade in Sonoma and has entered into the cannabis business in the last three years. Sonoma Biologics has 15 licenses for 15 acres granted in the last 6 months, on properties with pre-existing facilities. Passed the stringent California quality control regulations for cannabis for 3 years in a row. The founders and staff have years of experience with large scale commercial farming, including 100 acres of hemp grow in 2019.

Sonoma Biologics grows its premium cannabis outdoors, taking advantage of the suitable climate in Sonoma County, which brings down the cost of production significantly compared to indoor or other outdoor grow operations with non-suitable climate. Outdoor growth allows the crops to use natural sunlight, while the California weather minimizes need for climate control technologies, therefore lowering electricity consumption dramatically. Sonoma Biologics exclusively uses organic methods to grow its cannabis, leading to the highest quality of production.The company has poured its efforts into discovering which genetic strains of cannabis grow in the conditions offered.