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About ANI

Americas Next Investment (ANI) – ANI national TV series is a journalistic interview style programming giving companies the opportunity for peak branding while promoting their investment offering. Americas Next Investment is all about showcasing stories. What inspired the founders to set out on their journeys? What is the impact their companies are creating? The ANI media platform aims to support entrepreneurs and startups looking to tell their unique stories, gain exposure and raise capital.

ANI network is where entertainment, educators, investors, and companies seeking capital meets and where the viewers, VC’s, Angel Investors, Hedge Funds Managers, Banks, members (accredited investors) and consumers can contact the company to learn more about the investment opportunity.

With direct relationships with TV & digital media distributors, investors and incubators, Americas Next Investment is a powerful multi-media TV & Streaming series-platform that will continue to display stories of some of the most exciting startups in the country to millions of viewers.

ANI Mission
Americas Next Investment (ANI) will develop an unbiased pathway to boost awareness for companies seeking to raise capital. ANI aims to make a difference on both ends by putting the power back in the hands of the people.

How Equity Crowdfunding works

Investors in the U.S. fall under different categories, with different investment limits and requirements for reporting to comply with SEC rules. Reg A+ refers to Title IV (Regulation A+), which allows the general public to invest in private companies. Reg D refers to Title II (506c) of the 2012 JOBS Act, which allows companies to sell private stock to investors who verify their accreditation status. Once you decide the direction to go, our talented team will help you with building and designing your media campaign, as well as offering referrals for legal and/or financial services.

ANI Reach

Distribution: Available in nearly 100M homes across digital, cable, satellite, and OTT providers.
Audience Measurement: Nielsen Media Research is currently providing audience measurement for internal use only, known as the “Demonstration Phase” for 6 months. This is common for new networks shows.

ANI Core TV Audience Target:
Gen x. Millennials, Boomers
Heavy consumers of news. Middle American, politically aware and actively engaged in current events both domestically and globally.
A25-54 and A35-64 with conservative leanings, but not necessarily Republican GOP.
Educated and financially secure, with above average levels of disposable income.

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