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  • OTACA Tequila

    There is magic in creating the most wonderful spirit. It is a story of ancestry, determination, and, most of all, love. It is a straightforward process, yet it remains somewhat mysterious. Generations of knowledge anchor it, passed down from father to son, hoping to produce magic in a bottle. OTACA is such a story. It is the journey of an entrepreneur with love for agave, always searching for the perfect product.

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  • Hemptown USA

    Cannabigerol, or CBG, is one of a family of more than 100 molecules called cannabinoids that are produced by cannabis. CBG is unique among its peers due to the pivotal role that it plays in the synthesis of other cannabinoids and the overall chemical composition of the plant. This fact would be trivial if not for the considerable potential of this family of molecules for humans (and all mammals) that has been revealed by thousands of peer-reviewed research studies.

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