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How ANI Works

Work with our investment team to build your offering. We’ll review your company’s materials and build your offering page with you.

Engage investors in as many ways as possible to round up the capital you need.

Accept your investments countersign documents, prepare regulatory forms, and receive funds from the offering deposit account or escrow.

Once you’ve received your capital, keep investors up to date on your progress. Keeping them informed will position you for successful future fundraising.

What ANI Offers

Building a offers page to attractive prospective investors

Keep track of who your investors are. Understand what works in your marketing campaign, and what doesn’t, as you monitor investment activity from your dashboard in real time.

ANI platform confirms accredited investors participate in your offering, your broker dealer will verify that they meet SEC requirements. ANI affiliates conduct customer identification program (CIP) and anti-money laundering (AML) procedures to monitor proper handling of your funds.

Outside legal counsel will file your SEC forms, Blue Sky forms, and/or articles of incorporation on your behalf, and assist with all the other legal documents necessary to close your round in a compliant manner.

SEC-registered transfer agent affiliates of ANI will support you after the deal is done. The SEC-registered transfer agents will electronically record all your investors’ shares in book-entry format, should you elect to utilize their services. The SEC-registered transfer agent will maintains an organized record of your cap table, manage all inbound investor requests and help disseminate your annual financial reports.

Additional FAQ questions pertaining to How it works & what we offer:

On AmericasNextInvestment.com anyone over 18 years of age in the USA can invest in a Reg A offering.

Non-accredited investors cannot invest greater than 10% of their annual income or 10% of their net worth, excluding their homes. This is a per-investor limit per company they invest in, and it only applies to Reg A Tier 2 offerings. Investors can self-verify their income and net worth. Issuers are not required to independently verify. Companies can now take investments from millions of people who could not participate before.

Accredited investors ($1 million or more in net worth) are not limited in how much they can invest.

All Investors from outside of the U.S. and Canada are welcome, with the same limits and on a case by case & offer by offer.

Anyone can purchase securities (including but not limited to equity, debt, and revenue participation notes) in private companies on Americas Next Investment. Investors in the U.S. fall under three categories, with different investment limits and requirements for reporting to comply with SEC rules.

Reg A+ investors can invest as little as the minimum investment amount per offer, and up to any amount according to their individual limits. All investors may invest smaller amounts under Reg A+, but if they want to invest above their stated limits, they will have to verify their accreditation through the platform and participate in a Reg D investment. 

Reg A+ and Reg D investors purchase securities of a company at the same price, but there are differences in their investment limits, rights as stockholders, and how they are categorized by the SEC.

Americas Next Investment accepts any investment per offering minimum and above through Reg A+. A company may set a minimum investment as they choose. Only accredited investors may invest in Reg D offerings, which may have different minimums – please review the offering documents specific to a given listing for more detail. [International investors are responsible for all banking and wire fees associated with transferring funds into the offering deposit account and/or escrow.]

Reg A+ refers to Title IV (Regulation A+), which allows the general public to invest in private companies for the first-time starting May 16, 2016. Reg D refers to Title II (506c) of the 2012 JOBS Act, which allows companies to sell private stock to investors who verify their accreditation status.

Because Reg A+ allow early stage investing by non-accredited investors, the SEC put limits in place to protect the general public from investing more than they can afford to lose in early stage companies, due to the high risk and long horizon of the investment type.

You may invest in multiple companies on www.AmericasNextInvestment.com as long as your total amount of investments does not exceed your annual investment limit.

Americas Next Investment does not charge any fees to investors; however, fees such as processing, marketing and service fees are assessed to issuers, which impacts the total proceeds available for use as described in the offering materials.

Yes, investors investing in Reg D and Reg A+ offerings are eligible to invest as entities on the Americas Next Investment platform.