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Americas Next Investment is an entertainment & marketing technology platform focused on making the online investing interaction between companies and investors intuitive and efficient. Americas Next Investment connects American investors with companies raising capital through its equity crowdfunding platform.

www.americasnextinvestment.com, enabling everyone to own a piece of a company they believe in. Offering investment options for all people both non-accredited and accredited consumers, Americas Next Investment provides investors access to possible opportunity.

*Americas Next Investment, Inc. does not actually participate in securities offerings or activities

*Americas Next Investment, Inc. does not actually participate in securities offerings or activities.

*Americasnextinvestment.com does not offer investment advice.

*Americas Next Investment offers marketing advisory services only.

*You should consult an attorney or licensed financial advisor for any investment advice.

*Any securities offered on AmericasNextInvestment.com are offered directly by the companies themselves.

When you complete your investment on Americas Next Investment, your money will be transferred to an escrow account where an independent escrow agent will watch over your investment until it is accepted by COMPANY. Once COMPANY accepts your investment, and certain regulatory procedures are completed, your money will be transferred from the escrow account to COMPANY in exchange for your securities. At that point, you will be a proud owner in COMPANY.

When you make an investment in an early-stage venture involving equity, you own a piece of that company until it makes an “exit”. Getting purchased by another company, selling shares on a public stock market (known as an initial public offering, or IPO), or bankruptcy are common exit scenarios.

That makes company investing one of the most potentially rewarding, and most risky, ways to invest your money. Some companies grow to become icons of an era, like Google, Facebook, or Apple. But for every superstar, there are numerous respectable but quiet exits, and many failures.

That’s why due diligence is so important. Investors need to be as well-educated and confident in their decisions as possible. Losing some or all of your investment is a very real possibility.

Investments is highly speculative and should not be made by anyone who cannot afford to risk the entire investment amount. In addition to these risks, you should carefully consider the specific information and risks disclosed in COMPANY’s profile and Offering Circular.

“The SEC has qualified this offering” means the SEC has permitted COMPANY to offer for sale the securities described in the Offering Circular to investors such as you. The SEC is not judging the merits, accuracy, or completeness of the offering and information in the Offering Circular. Rather, the SEC is merely ensuring COMPANY has met all legal disclosure and regulatory requirements necessary to make these securities available to you.

Preferred equity is usually issued to outside investors and carries rights and conditions that are different from that of common stock. For example, preferred equity may include rights that prevent or minimize the effects of dilution or grants special privileges in situations when the company is sold.

A convertible note is a unique form of debt that converts into equity, usually in conjunction with a future financing round. The investor effectively loans money to a startup with the expectation that they will receive equity in the company in the future at a discounted price per share when the company raises its next round of financing.

To make an investment, you will need the following information readily available:
1) Personal information such as your current address and phone number.
2) Employment and employer information.
3) Net worth and income information.
4) Social Security Number or government-issued identification
5) ABA bank routing number and checking account number (typically found on a personal check or bank statement)

Until a closing occurs, you may cancel your investment at any time, for any reason. You will receive an email when the closing occurs, and your securities have been issued. If you have already funded your investment and your funds are in escrow, your funds will be promptly refunded to you upon cancellation. To cancel your investment, please email [email protected] or call the investor relations for the company you invested in.

Currently there is no market or liquidity for these securities. Also currently, COMPANY does not plan to list these securities on a national exchange or another secondary market. At some point COMPANY may choose to do so, but until then you should plan to hold your investment for a significant period of time before a “liquidation event” occurs. A “liquidation event” is when COMPANY either lists their securities on an exchange, is acquired, or goes bankrupt.

You can return to www.AmericasNextInvestment.com and log into your account at any time to view your portfolio of investments and obtain a summary statement.

This is COMPANY’s capital raising profile page, where you can find information that may be helpful for you to make an investment decision in their company. The information on this page includes the company overview, team bios, offering statement and the risks and disclosures related to this investment opportunity. You will also find a copy of the COMPANY’s Offering Circular, which has been qualified by the SEC. The Offering Circular includes important details about COMPANY’s fundraise that you should review before investing.