Raise Capital & Find Investors

America’s Next Investment platform helps many companies to find investors and raise capital. We have many successful launches, and a community of hundreds of thousands of prospective investors. Take the first step today. Raise the capital you need with us so that you can go back and focus on growing your business.

How Equity Crowdfunding works

Investors in the U.S. fall under different categories, with different investment limits and requirements for reporting to comply with SEC rules. Reg A+ refers to Title IV (Regulation A+), which allows the general public to invest in private companies. Reg D refers to Title II (506c) of the 2012 JOBS Act, which allows companies to sell private stock to investors who verify their accreditation status. Once you decide the direction to go, our talented team will help you with building and designing your campaign, as well as offering referrals for legal and/or financial services. We will test your campaign, launch, track and optimize it (using the platform reporting tool) in order to reach your raise goal.

Why America’s Next Investment?

We are an entertainment & marketing technology company focused on making the online interaction between companies and investors intuitive and efficient. On our state-of-the-art equity crowdfunding platform, investors purchase securities in privately held companies. Other crowdfunding sites allow people to donate money to campaigns in exchange for rewards. Once the backer receives the reward, the transaction is finished. The backer does not share in the company’s potential upside success and the company does not give up any portion of equity ownership to the crowd.
Whether you are taking outside investment for the first time or raising a growth equity round, we can help!

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