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General Details

Americas Next Investment is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects investors with companies raising capital enabling everyone to own a piece of a company they see potential in.

Americas Next Investment’s objective is to empower companies to convert supporters into investors and leverage investments from investors in a 12-month fundraising round.

With complete compliance procedures, Americas Next Investment and its affiliates support companies from regulatory form prep through post-fundraising with Americas Next Investment Affiliate Investor relations and aims to help entrepreneurs activate a community of investor support for their businesses.

Americas Next Investment works with entities specifically created with the purpose of assisting you to make your offering both successful and compliant.

Americas Next Investment and its affiliates works with attorneys &/or registered broker dealer(s) that facilitates Reg A+ &/or Reg D offerings.

V Stock Transfer, LLC Investor relations, LLC is an SEC registered Transfer Agent that allows investor holdings to be recorded and transferred electronically.

Americas Next Investment, Inc. is a technology company focused making the online interaction between companies and investors intuitive and efficient.

Americas Next Investment believes its unique combination of marketing expertise, network of regulatory advisors and technological know-how empowers Americas Next Investment to offer tools that connect companies and investors in entirely new ways.

*Americas Next Investment, Inc. does not actually participate in securities offerings or activities.

*Americasnextinvestment.com does not offer investment advice.

*Americas Next Investment offers marketing advisory services only.

*You should consult an attorney or licensed financial advisor for any investment advice.

*Any securities offered on AmericasNextInvestment.com are offered directly by the companies themselves.

Americas Next Investment undergoes an internal selection process to select the companies featured on AmericasNextInvestment.com. Americas Next Investment focus is to place approved Regulation A+ investments offers which is less than 5% of the startups that apply to be featured on AmericasNextInvestment.com. The companies listed on Americas Next Investment must all successfully pass Americas Next Investment’s internal selection process and must be Regulation D or Regulation A+ approved.

Americas Next Investment has interest in potential unicorns to raise on the ANI platform. This can vary widely however most companies on the Americas Next Investment platform is looking to raise $50 million. Beyond our outlined requirements, Americas Next Investment does not conduct due diligence on companies. We trust the market therefore we believe the market determine and pick the winners.

a. Reg D & Reg A+ investors can conduct transactions directly with companies featured on ANI
b. Any individual over the age of 18 in the continental U.S. may invest within certain investment limits on Americas Next Investment
c. Accredited investors who can prove accreditation

a. Your company must be for-profit with a Tax ID number (EIN).
b. You must be over 18, a U.S. resident with a Social Security number, a U.S. address, bank account and ID
c. NOT a bad actor or criminal.


Fundraising Details

Companies can raise any amount on Americas Next Investment from accredited investors, who are individuals making over $200,000 per year ($300,000 for married couples) or have a net worth over $1 million (excluding primary residence). 

Companies can raise up to $50 million from the general public in a 12-month period through a Reg A+ offering. 

These limits also apply if you are connected to another entity that shares some form of control with your company (such as a parent company). For example, if your company is controlled by another company by contract or by stock ownership, any money raised by the owning company through Reg A+ counts towards the respective limit, and vice-versa if you have control or common control of another entity.

When you raise capital on Americas Next Investment, you will set your target offering amount and your maximum offering amount, which can be no higher than $50 million from Reg A+ investors.

Yes, any funding over the target offering amount is called an oversubscription. You can accept oversubscriptions, but you may not accept any funding over your maximum offering amount. 

You are required to disclose how much you are willing to accept in oversubscriptions, how you would allocate the oversubscriptions, and the intended purpose of those additional funds.

Offering Page Upload

Once approved, Americas Next Investment dev team will upload the Companies offering page on Americas Next Investment.com. The offering pages are transparent as possible to foster good relationships with investors. Building a good offering requires the following; but SEC and FINRA compliant, marketing materials, such as video, images, corporate taglines and an elevator pitch deck (Roadshow Deck) and the business materials, such as your business model, projections and financials, team bios, offering statement and all SEC filings available for investor review. 

When your company raises capital on Americas Next Investment, you must follow FINRA and the SEC’s (depending on the offering type) guidelines for how you can market your offering on external channels. Please be aware that FINRA and the SEC have rules about how you may communicate. 

Americas Next Investment does not directly invest in any companies fundraising via our platforms. Americas Next Investment does, however, have relationships with a broad range of VCs, institutional investors and angels, and we consistently share our deal flow with them, however Americas Next Investment does not guarantee investments.

Close and Post Offering

All funds are deposited directly into the company offering deposit and/or escrow account.

Companies’ featured on AmericasNextInvestment.com works with SEC-registered transfer agent for Investor relations such as https://www.vstocktransfer.com/. A transfer agent is an entity that manages communication with investors and maintains records of who owns a company’s stock.

Registered transfer agents make managing investors easy, transparent and convenient for both the company and investors.